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the aura is when the art ‘is’, and the art exists only at the time when the aura is simultaneously present.

I focus on the space surrounding us and I often use a whiff of universal irony, trying to convey a message in a way that it is easily accessible. I do this partly because I intend to give to the audience an active role in my work; performances, workshops, installations and public art are ways of dealing with the audience through a social experience. People are invited to participate, but simultaneously, they create different levels of relations and
contribute to the artwork itself.
The aim is to provide the public with a unique feeling, which is related to a specific location and an exact moment in time, forming a collective memory between all participants. In this way, the possibility of loosing the aura has been excluded – the aura ‘is’ when the art ‘is’, and the art exists only at that time when the aura is simultaneously present. So through my work I try to represent a precarious situation of the world in a way that the piece exists only in the context in which was generated and it can’t exist out of it. The reproduction of an artwork would require similar conditions but a different configuration, which finally would become a different piece.

My work is an open-ended process of exploration of human perception and how it can be triggered through discrete or bold interventions.


Giuseppe Licari

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